Resume -  SAG-AFTRA


American Sniper                        Marc Lee's Mom  (Support)     Director, Clint Eastwood    Warner Bros.

Her Unlikely Kin                         Dr. Meyers  (Support)              Director. Ken Raimondi

Brotherly Love                           Country Western Bar Patron    Director Anthony CarusoKeepers of the Light                  Pamela (Lead)                         Director, Adrian Carr          Weaving Dreams Ent.

Amnesia                                    Rose Oberheimmer (Lead)      Driector, Val Gameiro

Touch                                        Mom (Lead)                              Director, Drew  Ott

When He Left                           Livia (Lead)                               Director, Jermy Decker

The Red Door                           Melinda Amberton (Lead)         Director, Fabian Valdez

Broken Heart Boy                     Mom (Lead)                              Director, Mattye Greene

Pastor Shepherd                      Mrs. Robinson (Lead)               Director, Edwin Marshall

Joey Takes A Cab                    Helen (Lead)                             Director, Albert Band           Full Moon Ent.

Stephen King's Gotham Cafe  Oh My God Woman (Feature)   Director, Jack Sawyers       Turtle Bay Ent.

Phil                                           Landlady (Lead)                        Director, Tony Rocco

From Whence They Came       Betsy (Lead)                             Director, Justin Tymes         Justin Tymes Prod.

Mecca                                      Socialite (Support)                    Director, Frank Romano

Robot Wars                              Neurotic Passenger (Supp)      Director, Albert Band            Full Moon Ent.

Hollywood in Trouble               Auditioning Actress (Supp)       Director, Joseph Merhi

Butterfly                                   Patsy (Support)                         Director, Mat Cimber            Paramount

Heat                                        Casino Gambler (Feature)         Director, Jeremy Jameson


The Method                               As Herself (Interviewee)              Host, John Solari              PBS

Blind Justice (Pilot)                    Senator's Wife  (Day Player)       Director, E.T. O'Brien

Sunset Beach                            Waitress (Day Player)                                                           NBC

A Salute to Bob Hope                Sophie Tucker (Day Player)                                                  Magicom Prods.

My Boyfriend's Back                  Hotel Patron (Day Player)            Director, Paul Schneider

New Media

Prescribed                                             Dr. Lucy                                          Director, Grayson Berry

7 Shades of Lenity                                Gov. Huston                                    Director, Val Gamiero

PSA Austin Women's Rights League    Mom                                               Director Val Gamiero

Texas Dept of Health                             Mom                                               Director, Tom Bleich

Commercial    -    List Available Upon Request
2010 - present
2010 - present

Necessary Targets                         Zlata                                            Paradox Players,  Austin, TX

Joey Takes A Cab                          Helen                                           McCadden Theater, Reprised Beachwood Theater, Hollywood

Ms. Warren's Profession                Mrs. Warren                                 Chapel Court Theater, Hollywood

The Point!                                       Mom                                            Chapel Court Theater, Hollywood

It's A Scream                                  Maria                                           Cabrillio Playhouse, San Diego

Lunch Hour                                    Nora                                             San Dieguieto Playhouse, San Diego

Murder by Night                             Det. Pat Brighton                         Traveling Dinner Theater, Hollywood

Hostaes in the Terroist Zone          Sen. Baynes                                Magnolia Playhouse, North Hollywood

The Effect of Gamma Rays...         Betty the Loon                             Horizon Prods., Las Vegas

Equus                                             Hester                                          Las Vegas Little Theater

Equus                                             Dora Strang                                 UNLV (Guest Artist)

Whose Life Is It Anyway                 Dr. Scott                                       UNLV (Guest Artist

Prisoner of Second Avenue            Edna                                            Las Vegas Little Theater

The Conversion of Mama                Mama                                          Union Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas

PARTIAL LIST - over 100 stage plays on both east and west coasts

Training & Workshops

Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg Theater Institute (Hollywood), Susan Anspach, Clifford Osmond, Jim Belushi, Robert Walden, Stephen Bridgewater, Bettye Zoeller (voice over), Richard Merson (dialects), Bill Hudnut (sitcom), Van Mar Academy of Motion Picture and Television, Joseph Bernard Acting School, University of Maryland (Theater/Dance), UNLV Theater. Ongoing Cold Reading Workshops with Casting Directors (Sharoon Bialy, Meghan Lewis, Brad Burton, Beth Sepko, Steve Maisel, Brock-Allen Casting etc.)  - SAG-AFTRA Austin Actors Conservatory